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All women of the church are members of the Organ Society. The Organ Society meets at 9:30 every Wednesday morning from September to June in the fellowship hall. Members meet to knit, crochet, quilt or work on other craft projects, which are sold at Summerfest, and at the Christmas Cookie and Craft sale. Money raised from these sales is donated to the church and other charitable causes. The Organ Society offers educational and social programs on the fourth Wednesday of the month alternating afternoon and evening meetings.

The Ladies Organ Society was founded in 1822 as a social and benevolent association by a group of 80 women. It is the oldest Congregational women’s group in the country. As described in the organization’s historical documents, the first action of the group was to purchase a stove for the original meeting house, which had been without heat for 40 years. The group became formally known as the Ladies’ Organ Society when it purchased an organ in 1827 for 1875. The ladies also raised money for a second organ when the first church was replaced and when that building was destroyed by fire, for the third and present church.

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